21 South End Ave.: An Unpleasant Surprise Leads to a Welcome Change

Aug 07, 2020

Detail Renovations

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For many people, Mother’s Day is a time to relax with the family, do something special, and enjoy a leisurely Sunday. Unfortunately for these clients, it was a day that started with a leaky faucet. Luckily, we had a long-established and trusting relationship, so they didn’t hesitate to call us for quick advice. We had already transformed their existing apartment into their dream living space, so they knew we were up for the task. What we didn’t know was that there was more to the story. 


An Opportunity Arises

Coincidentally, the clients had also just learned that the apartment next door was for sale, and they wanted an expert opinion about whether it would work for their needs. The clients had been searching for the perfect home without much luck. They loved all of the features of their existing apartment but needed a different layout and more room for their teenage daughter to have her own space. 

When they discovered that a neighboring unit in their building was available, they jumped on the opportunity. They already felt a deep connection with the neighborhood and everything the building had to offer, so they wanted to act fast. Could they expand the apartment they already loved and create something amazing without having to give anything up? This is what they wanted to know on that busy Mother’s Day morning. Fortunately, we have knocked down walls before and knew exactly what to look for. 


Multidimensional Expansion

The existing apartment was on a single floor, but the neighboring one-bedroom unit spanned two floors. The clients wanted to know if it was possible to tie them together, and they needed an answer before pulling the trigger on the purchase. We looked at both spaces and determined that it would be possible to keep the apartment they loved and turn it into something even better for the whole family. 

The lower floor of the second unit will become the new master suite, and the upper floor, which will connect to their existing apartment, will have a new kitchen and dining area. This transition will allow for an even larger common area. The ability to host visitors was a top priority with the original renovation, and this new phase will make it even easier to entertain guests. The new vision includes an expanded space for wine storage, and ample seating for parties and teenage guests.

The existing master suite will become the daughter’s new space, and everybody will have more privacy with the two bedrooms on separate floors. Everybody gets to keep enjoying the balconies, amazing views, and large closets they value so much, and although there will naturally be some change with the expansion, the family can continue living in the home they have already invested in.


Trusting Relationships Lead to Long-Term Benefits

These clients were able to act quickly to purchase the new apartment (not to mention get their leaky faucet fixed) because we had an established relationship that was built on trust. They knew they could call us anytime—with any type of problem—and that we would respond. Because we already knew every detail of their existing apartment, we could rapidly establish whether the new vision was feasible or not, which allowed them to confidently move forward with the purchase and start planning for the next phase. 

Another valuable lesson from this project is that sometimes you don’t have to look far to find exactly what you need. This family had been searching all over the city for the perfect apartment, when all they really needed was right next to them the whole time. If you’re looking for a change, consider renovation or expansion as an option. We’re happy to help you evaluate the possibilities. 

Demolition of the new apartment has not yet started, so stay tuned for updates on this exciting project. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about the initial apartment expansion. 


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