5 Eye-Opening Lighting Features to Amaze Your Guests

Dec 11, 2020

Detail Renovations

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Lighting is often one of the last details people think about when doing a renovation, but high-end lighting can completely transform a room. Whether it’s a bold chandelier, a simple modern fixture, or a custom system to illuminate built-in shelves, high-end lighting is worth the investment. In addition to providing functionality, lighting is an opportunity to showcase your style. 

These clients understand just how important lighting is. Check out the features they chose to accentuate their spaces.


1. A Simple Statement in the Kitchen

At our Narrows Avenue project, the goal was to create an airy, light-filled space. In addition to allowing natural light to pour into the room, we added recessed lighting throughout to create a uniform wash of light in the kitchen. Workspaces around the stove are illuminated with hidden under-cabinet lighting to make food prep easier. The bell jar style fixtures above the island feature clear glass, which contributes to the sense of openness in the space. The curved lines of the glass also complement the arched entryway, softening up the vibe in the starkly white kitchen.


2. A Floating Theme Elevates a Dining and Living Area

Clients on West End Avenue in New York transformed their dining and living area into an elegant space with cabinets and shelves that appear to float on the walls. What better to accentuate those shelves than custom lighting? We installed a dimmable lighting system that required fabricating every wire by hand. The result was an ethereal glow around the books, artwork, and other prized items. Two matching light fixtures hover above the dining table and coffee table, tying the two spaces together in the open floor plan. The three-layered design creates diffuse light to add warmth to the space. The floating effect continues with two sconces above the couch, highlighting the adjacent artwork.


3. An Optical Illusion in Lighting

The owners of this home in Great Neck wanted a touch of whimsy in the dining area where their growing family gathers. Glass spheres of various sizes dangle above the dining table in a wave pattern. Depending on the viewing angle, this high-end lighting sculpture can appear almost invisible or at the forefront of the eye. Recessed lighting and simple pendants in the adjacent kitchen provide ample illumination while not distracting from the centerpiece in the dining area. 


4. A Home Filled with Bold Lighting

Clients on Charles Street in New York went all out with their high-end lighting plans, putting eye-catching fixtures in almost every room. An elegant chandelier in the living room evokes nature with a wreath of illuminated leaves. A fractal-inspired fixture above the nearby dining table continues this theme. The dining nook in the kitchen grabs attention with its symmetrically arranged metal rods. Even the circulation areas get the full luxury lighting treatment. A columnar lighting sculpture illuminates the landing of the stairway, while artfully hung pendants guide you up to the top floor. All of these high-end lighting solutions required extensive electrical work to create the desired look. 


5. Lighting with the White Glove Treatment

This space was completely transformed by this light fixture. Our technicians took the utmost care in installing them, complete with white gloves to make sure no smudges or streaks got left on the glass.


Do Your Remodel with Detail Renovations 

The right lighting choices can take a space from beautiful to breathtaking, which is why allocating some of your renovation budget to these details is a smart idea. When you work with Detail Renovations, you can be confident that your vision will come to life, including high-end lighting that will impress your guests. Whether you have your own designer or want to work with one of our partners, we’ll collaborate with them to come up with the lighting design that matches your style and your functional needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we work, contact us today. 

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