7 Backsplashes That Will Turn Heads

Jan 20, 2021

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Whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel or an entire home renovation, it’s the small details that make a space unique. A custom backsplash in the kitchen with subtle style or a splash of color can be a real head-turner. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel this year, check out these seven custom backsplashes for inspiration.


Tiny Tiles on Central Park West

In this Central Park West renovation, the custom backsplash is comprised of large porcelain tile that create the effect of small square tiles with different shades and finishes that create a glittering effect from a distance. The backsplash wraps around the entire kitchen, above both the sink and the stove, to create a continuous band of texture in the monochrome kitchen. A similar approach is taken on the front of the kitchen island with tiles of the same size and color, but with a subtle pattern weaved in. The island’s clear lucite stools allow a full view of the complementary tile from the living area.   


Classic Marble in Columbus Circle

This modern kitchen renovation kept one classic feature with a marble backsplash and countertop that wraps around the entire work area. This backsplash is polished to a high sheen, so you can see every contour, and has a soft glow accentuated by the custom lighting in the cabinets above. The smooth surface is easy to clean and resistant to damage, two reasons marble remains a classic material in any kitchen. 


Windows on the World at West 36th Street

The kitchen in this compact apartment renovation took the custom backsplash to a new level. With space at a premium and a desire to make the kitchen feel as large as possible, this client opted to forgo a traditional backsplash and allow natural light to filter in through the windows behind the work area. Custom-crafted open cabinets above maintain this effect to keep the space light and airy, and the client gets to enjoy the city view while working in the kitchen. 

Wondrous Waves in Great Neck

This custom backsplash features a wave theme that pervades the kitchen and dining area. With a small backsplash area in a stark white kitchen, the designer wanted to make a statement. Unique curved tiles interconnect to create a textured, organic wave effect that perfectly complements the stunning light fixture above the dining area. The neutral tones add depth to a kitchen that is dominated by sharp angles and shiny surfaces.


Solid Squares on East 65th Street

In a kitchen remodel with a square theme, it only makes sense that the tiles would match. Square tiles in the same neutral shades as the rest of the space accentuate square panels in the cabinetry and a wine rack with perfect cubes. To tie it all together, a row of tiles was added to the edge of the range hood to create a continuous look.


Simple Two-Tone in Brooklyn

A custom backsplash doesn’t need to be flashy to be stylish. In this Brooklyn kitchen renovation, the client opted to keep it simple with a low backsplash that extends up from the countertop of the same material. Contrasted with the darker shade of the wall, the two-tone effect adds effortless style with sleek lines. Custom lighting in the cabinets above creates glowing light spots to add warmth to the space. 


A Wraparound Backsplash on Willow Street

Sometimes just using a unique shape is all that is necessary to take a tile backsplash from ho-hum to head-turning. These elongated rectangular ceramic tiles from Town & Country are perfectly stacked to create a linear texture that covers the entire area behind the stove and all of the countertops, creating a uniform look throughout the kitchen. 


Do Your Kitchen Makeover with Detail Renovations

When you work with Detail Renovations, you get to choose all the little details. Whether you want a custom backsplash that blends into the background or one that draws the eye, we’ll work with you and the designer of your choice to make it happen. Get in touch to learn more about how we work. 

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