A Touch of Modern, a Splash of Old: Performing a Kitchen Remodel and More at Columbus Circle

Oftentimes, the goal of a home renovation is not to completely transform the space, but to modernize it while retaining the character of the original interior. That was the case in this Columbus Circle kitchen remodel and apartment update. The clients wanted a brand-new kitchen that tied in seamlessly with the existing spaces and a gentle update to the overall look and feel of the entire apartment. 

We worked closely with the interior designer to fully renovate the most functional areas in the home—the kitchen and bathrooms—and to restore key elements throughout, including the floors, moldings, and millwork. The result was an updated apartment that maintained some of the original feel while bringing the home into the 21st century. 

The Kitchen Remodel

For one of the most functional rooms, often considered the heart of the home, the clients wanted a modernized kitchen that complemented the character of the existing space. We crafted custom millwork to create seamless, flat-panel cabinets that are both modern and stylish. Under-cabinet lighting provides understated elegance while also serving a practical purpose. The marble backsplash makes the space feel upscale without being overwhelming. The clients can now comfortably cook in their kitchen with modern appliances and ample storage that keeps countertop clutter at bay.   

The Refurbished Floors

The rift-sawn oak floors were refurbished throughout the entire home to create an integrated feel. We applied a custom staining process to return the original floors back to their unique brilliance while also creating a consistent luster and texture in every room. The detail of the wood grain now pops to complement the muted color palette on the walls and furnishings. 

The Restored Details

Custom cabinets that match the floors tie the living room together, provide a horizontal surface for displaying artwork, and hide the heating units. In the bedroom, we constructed a white cabinet below the window to enclose the heating unit and keep it tucked away from view. Although seemingly minor, these are the types of details that make a home feel more sophisticated and inviting.

We also provided custom millwork for the low-profile baseboard moldings, which don’t detract attention from the large windows and spectacular views. The single-line detail has a contemporary feel that is consistent throughout the home. 

Floor-to-ceiling shelves in the living room and office create a consistent vibe while also providing extra storage. Suspended above the molding to maintain a consistent visual line, they appear to float above the floor. 

In the bathrooms, we carefully and thoroughly polished all of the marble to restore it to its original sheen. By refurbishing the existing materials and adding modern fixtures, we were able to update the rooms while maintaining some of the original character. 

The Detail Renovations Difference

By working closely with the clients and interior designer, we were able to implement specific yet impactful restorations and create a new feeling in the clients’ apartment. The kitchen remodel provided an updated functional space that has a contemporary yet timeless feel, and the consistent design details throughout the home subtly bring everything together. Because they were so happy with their new kitchen, the client asked us to come back a few years later to renovate the master bedroom.

At Detail Renovations, our goal is to execute the designer’s vision and create spaces that bring our clients joy every time they walk into a room. This requires continual communication, strong relationships with our partners, and—of course—a high level of craftsmanship. We focus on both the big picture and the tiny details to ensure that every renovation exceeds our clients’ expectations.

To see more images of this kitchen remodel and apartment update, view the project in our gallery.

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