Bringing a Bit of Europe to New York with This Kitchen Renovation

European kitchens are all about simple, functional elegance, and these clients wanted to bring that aesthetic to their New York apartment on West 53rd Street. For this kitchen renovation, we partnered with Cesar NYC Kitchens to create a sleek, refined space with muted tones, floating shelves, custom lighting, and casual seating. Although this type of minimalist design might seem easy to execute, it’s the small details that make the difference between installing prefab components and a custom luxury kitchen.

Elevated Shelves and Cabinetry

Floating shelves provide depth against the flat-panel cabinets and smooth countertops while also making practical use of wall space that is not easily accessible. Appearing to pop out of the wall unsupported, they mirror the cantilever effect of the island extension below.

Painted wood paneling below the shelves provides texture in the monotone color palette and adds a touch of luxury to the space. Ample storage in overhead cabinets and below the island allows the floating shelves to shine with the owners’ favorite statement pieces, allowing them to change the tableau throughout the year.

Flat-panel cabinets help keep the space feeling uncluttered and open, and a unique countertop detail demonstrates that there was thoughtful design behind this unassuming kitchen renovation. A small gap between the bottom of the countertop and the tops of the cabinet doors continues the floating theme, as does the undermount sink in the island. 

Distinctive Custom Lighting

The floating effect is enhanced with lighting that is built into the bottom of each shelf to illuminate the objects below. The play between shadows and light accentuates the contrast between the depth of the shelves and the other flat surfaces in the kitchen. Task lighting above the stove provides targeted illumination and continuity with the neighboring shelf lighting. Recessed canopy lights in the ceiling provide practical lighting without adding complexity to the simple space.   

Seamlessly Integrated Appliances

Another way the designer achieved a minimalist look in this kitchen was by hiding the appliances and making them appear to be seamlessly integrated into the cabinetry. The refrigerator sits behind a panel that matches the rest of the cabinets and has a vertical door pull that is almost invisible. The oven door is built into the front of the cabinets to maintain continuity in the lines of the countertop above. 

Simple Seating

The clients wanted to add a casual seating area that would allow them to spend time together in the kitchen while cooking and eating. We added an extension to the custom island that allows two or more people to gather. A square, stainless steel column blends into the cool color palette and matches the fixtures on the island, and low-profile chairs maintain the minimalist aesthetic.

Flawless Floors

We installed prefinished French oak floors to round out the space and add a touch of warmth with natural materials. The cathedral grain pattern in the flooring perfectly complements the textures of the wood paneling and cabinet doors.    

The Benefits of a Solid Partnership

Our long-standing partnership with Cesar NYC Kitchens contributed to the success of this kitchen renovation project. The company knows it can trust us to flawlessly execute its designs, and we can count on it for consistent communication and detailed drawings. One reason Cesar NYC Kitchens came to us for this project is that we have an established history of building luxury kitchens in the New York area. We also regularly refer Cesar NYC Kitchens to our clients who need a designer for their kitchen renovation projects.

When you work with Detail Renovations, you also work with our partners. We are committed to building strong relationships with other professionals because the success of a project depends on teamwork and communication. To learn more about this European-style kitchen remodel, check out the project page in our gallery.

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