Complete High-End Interior Remodel of This Newly Built Brooklyn Apartment

We work with plenty of different partners when we do high-end interior remodel projects—architects, millworkers, kitchen designers, and more. We work with some of these partners consistently on almost every project, and some of them are more infrequent collaborators. In this case, an architect whom we had worked with three years prior referred us for a project he was designing for some of his personal friends. By coordinating with our other partners, we were able to complete the project on an accelerated schedule so the clients were minimally disrupted by the renovation.

Making a New Apartment a Home 

The clients had purchased a brand-new apartment in a building in Brooklyn, but they were not satisfied with all of the interior finishes. They hired their friend, architect Nelson Benavides, to make some changes. These included addressing concerns about the lighting, artwork installation, custom closet design, new cabinets in the bathrooms, and a new ceiling in the kitchen.

The closet’s interior design included extensive millwork with beautifully stained rift-sawn oak to create a wardrobe-style closet. The bathroom cabinets were replaced with units that better matched the clients’ tastes, and additional lighting was added. In the kitchen, we installed a tasteful drop ceiling with recessed high-hat lighting to create a more subdued effect that still allowed sufficient direct lighting in work areas. 

We installed artwork throughout the apartment and updated the lighting to appropriately highlight the pieces. We also painted the entire interior to make the space truly their own.  

Meeting Client Time Requirements

No matter how professional the crew is, renovations are disruptive to homeowners, especially if they are already living in the space. To minimize disruptions, these clients wanted the renovation to be largely completed while they were not occupying the space. 

One of the benefits of having strong relationships with our partners is that we can sometimes adjust the project timelines to accommodate our clients. In this case, the clients were planning to be out of the apartment for much of the summer, so we wanted to get as much work as possible done while they were away. We worked closely with our millworker partner to accelerate the production of the custom closets so that they could be finished and installed by the end of the summer. In the meantime, our crews were working on the lighting, bathrooms, kitchen ceiling, and paint throughout. This limited the inconvenience to the clients and also allowed them to come home to the apartment they had been envisioning. 

Making Professional Connections

A successful high-end interior remodel requires a solid team, especially when working with a tight timeline. One of the reasons we are able to consistently execute this type of work is the professional connections we have built and maintained over the years. 

Gregory Hitchcock Design originally referred Nelson Benavides to us, and we have since done several projects together. We communicate well, which is a critical component of the relationship between a designer and a contractor, especially for high-end interior remodel projects, because it’s so important to get the details exactly right. We have also referred multiple clients to Nelson because we appreciate his attention to detail and working style. 

When it comes to evaluating the success of a project, the proof is in the punch list. In the case of this project, the punch list was remarkably short, which indicates just how in sync we were as a team. The architect was able to design what the clients were envisioning, and our team executed that vision so well that only a few minor corrections were required.

To see more of our high-end interior remodel work in Brooklyn and beyond, view the project gallery on our website.

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