Countertop Styles That Really Cook Things up in These Lavish Kitchens

Many families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially these days as people spend more time at home. In addition to meal prep, kitchens are often used as gathering spaces for family and friends. Whether you or your family members are doing homework, grabbing a quick breakfast, or entertaining for the holidays, having a lavish kitchen can make all the difference in your experience.

Countertops are especially important because, in addition to looking stylish, they have to sustain the wear and tear of daily life. If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen and looking for inspiration, consider these countertop styles.

Extended Island

When you need more surface area, consider extending the countertop into a peninsula. Whether you want more food prep space for the chef of the house, a perch for the kids to check in, or a spot to sit for a quick meal, extending the countertop adds both function and style.

Installing a countertop extension with clean lines will also make the space feel modern and elegant. Open space below with a simple column for support adds airiness to the room and important function at the same time. Support columns for extensions are also an opportunity to add your own personal style—keep it simple, use a textured material, or embellish it with custom tile.

Seamless Surfaces

When you have a beautiful countertop material, why not get the most from it? This lavish kitchen on Central Park West extends the edge of the countertop down the side of the island to create a modern draping effect that screams style.

You can see the same dramatic effect in this Charles Street kitchen that maximizes the marble. You can do the same with the backsplash to create a seamless effect between the countertop and cabinets.

The vertical integration of the countertop adds shape with an elegant, seamless line that creates separation between the kitchen and the adjacent common area without adding clutter or bulk to the space. The view from the living room offers a framing effect that further defines the space. Small tiles in a subtle mosaic pattern add texture and a touch of sparkly elegance.

Built-in Appliances

In a galley kitchen with limited space, you want to get the most from your island countertop. In this kitchen on 24th Street, we built a custom countertop solution that has a retractable hood for the integrated stovetop. When not in use, the hood lowers down to blend in seamlessly with the countertop. When in use, it automatically pops up to provide the necessary ventilation.

This particular countertop was built for entertaining with a wine fridge nestled below the seating area—another great way to get the most from the countertop in a small space. The seating area also includes space below to hide stools when they’re not in use.

Mixed Materials

Sometimes the best approach with a countertop is to use it to visually break up the areas in a kitchen. This Brooklyn kitchen is a great example of a custom floating island that stylishly creates separation. The transition from a natural stone countertop to a wood island beautifully mixes high-end materials and softens the vibe of the space. The two different levels of the surfaces also create separation and make the kitchen feel homier.

Concrete countertops offer a variety of design options while also offering the benefits of durability and easy maintenance. With concrete, you can customize the color, add textures, or integrate other materials.

Detail Renovations: Your Kitchen Renovation Partner

Whether you want to upgrade cosmetic items such as countertops or need a full gut renovation of your kitchen with upgraded plumbing and appliances, Detail Renovations is here to help. From custom lighting to refinishing floors and everything in between, our team has done it all. Request a quote today to get started on your lavish kitchen renovation.

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