Cutting Corners Will Cost More in the End When It Comes to Home Renovations

Sep 10, 2020

Detail Renovations

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That old saying, “You get what you pay for,” applies to many situations in life, and it definitely holds true when you’re hiring a Manhattan contractor for a home renovation. Your home is one of your biggest assets, and protecting it means caring for it and improving it. Although it might be tempting to cut a few corners here and there to reduce costs, there are some areas where it just makes sense to invest a little more. 

Although some cost-saving tricks will serve you well during a home renovation—refinishing old furniture, buying gently used appliances, and doing your own painting, for example—there are some areas where trying to save a buck could cost you a lot more in the long run.


Hire a Quality Contractor

Ask prospective Manhattan contractors—or, better yet, their former customers—about how they performed on past projects with respect to the budget and timeline. Dig a little deeper to find out how they handled any unanticipated problems and what the financial consequences were. 

Getting estimates from multiple contractors is always a good idea, but it’s important to understand what is included. Do your best to compare apples to apples, which can be difficult because every contractor does it differently. Remember that the lowest bid isn’t always the best one, and that it might not include everything needed to complete the project.


Budget for Unforeseen Issues

One of the challenges of creating cost estimates for renovations is that it’s impossible to fully predict what will be uncovered during demolition. Sometimes it’s fun and interesting, such as vintage wallpaper or a message from a previous owner. However, the unfortunate reality is that some homeowners find problems that are more than they bargained (or budgeted) for.

Problems such as mold, dry rot, water damage, corroded pipes, and electrical issues can be uncovered during the renovation process. If these were not known before the project started, resolving them will cost more than the original cost estimate and could also cause project delays. Understanding this before you start your home renovation project can help you prepare for the unexpected, and it’s always a good idea to save some room in your budget for these types of surprises.


Invest in Quality Materials

Homes should be built to last, and the same approach should be taken when it comes to renovations. Investing in quality materials will help ensure that, whether your project is large or small, you’ll get the most for your money. Certain types of materials are worth paying a little more for, such as flooring, permanent fixtures, and any surfaces or finishes that are frequently used. Spending a little extra now can save you money later because you won’t have to replace the materials as soon as you would otherwise.


The Long-Term Benefits of Investing in Quality

Quality craftsmanship can last a lifetime, which means when you make decisions about improving the features in your home, you have to do it only once. If you cut corners and need repairs or rework in just a few years, are you really saving money? 

Investing in quality work and materials can also improve your property value, which is important if you plan to sell in the future, or even if you just want a valuable asset to pass down to loved ones. Of course, the importance of creating your ideal space should not be understated. Waking up every morning in your dream home is worth its weight in gold.


Choose the Right Contractor

Hiring a Manhattan contractor can be daunting, especially if you have never done a home renovation before. Take the time to do some research about each contractor you’re considering, including reviewing past projects and speaking to former customers about their experiences. Although it might not always be information you want to hear, work with a contractor who is always honest about what they find. If you’re not made aware of the underlying problems that are found during a renovation, it could cost you a lot more in the long run. 


As a contractor that focuses only on remodels, Detail Renovations has handled plenty of unexpected issues, always with honesty and open communication. Having a network of trusted partners allows us to gather all of the necessary resources to address almost anything you might encounter during a renovation. If you’d like to learn more about how we work, contact us today.


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