Delve into This Columbus Avenue Master Bathroom Renovation Draped in Extravagance

Oct 08, 2019

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Experience has shown us that renovations always come with their own unique challenges, both large and small. One of the aspects of a renovation that many homeowners find difficult is living in a space that is being remodeled. There are other people in your home, you can’t always stick to your typical routine, and you are essentially living in a construction zone. As contractors, we may be used to working in an occupied space, but we recognize that most homeowners want this type of disruption to be as brief as possible. 

This Columbus Avenue master bathroom renovation is a great example of how we were able to significantly reduce the typical amount of time on-site through creative solutions.

The Story

A designer whom we had worked with for more than 20 years recommended us to one of her colleagues, her previous assistant who had decided to start her own firm, to renovate an entire apartment. Three years later, the two designers had rejoined forces and hired us for a master bathroom renovation in the same apartment. 

The design called for a range of mixed materials, including custom millwork, lacquered brass fixtures, a stone floor in the shower, wallpaper, and paint. We would have to work with multiple suppliers to get all of the necessary materials, which also meant juggling different processes and timelines. Most importantly, we were expected to respect our client’s boundaries while we were doing the work.

Before picture of this Columbus Ave bathroom

The Solutions

We worked closely with the two designers and all of our subcontractors to ensure that the design vision was executed to the specifications. To minimize the impact on the owner, we secured all of the materials in advance and prefabricated as much of the elements as we could to minimize the amount of time required on-site. Delphi Cabinetry provided the custom millwork right when we needed it, so all we had to do at the site was the installation. 

The client had moved into the guest room while we were doing our work in the master suite, so we wanted him to be able to return to his normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. The project schedule we presented to the client was estimated to take three months to complete, but we were able to finish about two and a half weeks early. 

As always, communication was key during this luxury renovation. Prior to starting construction, we reviewed and approved shop drawings and resolved many of the details that might otherwise be discussed on-site so we could work efficiently once we got started. During the construction phase, we spoke with the client several times a week on the phone, and typically once a week in person, to provide updates and set expectations for the work that was still to come. We also met with the designers on-site once a week to exchange information and get our questions answered as efficiently as possible.

People Are Part of the Project 

Plenty of contractors have the necessary technical skills to deliver a beautiful renovation, but there is more to the equation than just executing the drawings. Remodeling a room is a personal experience for most clients, especially when they are already living in the space. Their lifestyle is going to be disrupted, often more than they are expecting, and we recognize that it’s up to us to reduce the impact as much as we can. One of the topics we discuss in detail prior to the commencement of work is how we can stage the home in a way that will make it comfortable for our clients while also providing us with enough space so we can execute the work in the proper conditions. The more comfortable a client is during the renovation process, the less anxious they become to see the finish line. Working in an occupied home requires respect for the homeowners, their time, and their belongings. This means arriving and leaving on a predictable schedule, cleaning up during work and at the end of the day, and clearly communicating throughout the process about how the work will impact them from day to day.

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