From Kitchen Upgrade to Custom Home Renovation at 100 11th Ave.

Jun 28, 2021

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Sometimes we start a project with a specific scope in mind, but then one stunning change leads to another. This was the case with a recent project on 11th Avenue. The clients initially wanted a simple kitchen upgrade, but seeing the space transform to match their unique style prompted them to invest in a complete custom home renovation.

With this new goal in mind, the client wanted a warm, welcoming, modern atmosphere with functional space for daily living and plenty of storage. The renovation features a spa-like bathroom for ultimate relaxation and a redesigned kitchen with a new island focal point that creates a perfect space to welcome and entertain guests.

Creating a Custom Modern Kitchen

Designed by Gregory Hitchcock, this bold kitchen draws guests in to perch around the eye-catching island. The thick edge and seamless design make this statement piece stand out in the modern space. Of course, there’s more to the island than just the aesthetics. It also has the microwave positioned for easy access and additional storage that blends into the base. 

This one-of-a-kind island was handmade using SapienStone to create a continuous edge that makes it appear to float above the floor. The same material was used to create the countertop, backsplash, and sink, continuing the elegant pattern throughout the kitchen. This timeless look is both stylish and durable, and it will last for generations. 

With the backdrop of the continuous SapienStone, the modern cabinetry with no visible hardware allows the unique material to shine. The glossy white finish on the cabinets complements the surrounding marble look of the countertop and backsplash without overwhelming the eye. 

A combination of open shelving and hidden storage allows the client to display artful items and hide other kitchen clutter behind seamless doors. Custom lighting integrated into the cabinetry also offers a functional benefit and sophisticated ambience. Floating shelves above the adjoining bar area tie the space together. 

The terrazzo floors in the kitchen and throughout the apartment were removed and upgraded to a beautifully patterned wood finish. The immaculate patterned porcelain tile has a real wood floor look, adding warmth to the space while requiring little maintenance. The unique pattern on the floor stands out without feeling too busy. 

Upgrading the Bathroom to Spa Status

The clients wanted a dream bathroom that provided both daily function and the potential for occasional deep relaxation. To create a soothing environment with no clutter, we used 48-by-48-inch porcelain slab tiles on the walls for a seamless effect. Hidden mirror storage keeps all the essentials tucked away when not in use, and an integrated shelf near the tub is almost invisible but adds convenient functionality. 

Gold fixtures and cabinet accents match the other elements that are interspersed throughout the home. A second bathroom also got upgraded with built-in cubbies below the tub for additional storage. 

Adding Luxury Details

When your home is undergoing a complete renovation, it’s the perfect time to add all those little details that make it unique. Additional features in this project include beautifully patterned porcelain tiles that look like real wood floors, custom cabinetry, and ample storage.

Gold light fixtures and kitchen plumbing fixtures match the client’s small appliances for a touch of elegance in a space that is mostly used for functional purposes. The lighting fixtures throughout the home complement each other in color, texture, and shape, creating a cohesive, well-designed space. An angled door in the bedroom brings the outside in by matching the building’s geometric aesthetic.

Handling Everything from Small Details to Sweeping Changes

One of the reasons we were able to adapt so quickly to the client’s change in scope is that our team can handle any type of renovation project, no matter how large or small. Our expert craftspeople can customize any detail, from an epic kitchen island to the subtle lighting that makes it shine. 

If you have a renovation project in mind, contact us today to get started.

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