How NYC Homebuyers Are Using the Pandemic to Double-Down on Stunning Renovations

Dec 17, 2020

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Families are spending a lot more time at home these days with remote learning and working becoming more of the norm than the exception. Most people who had a renovation in mind before the pandemic hit have moved the project to the top of the priority list. Others who weren’t necessarily thinking of remodeling are finding that COVID renovations are worth the investment to make spaces both more useful and more comfortable.

Not only are we seeing more requests for renovation projects, but it’s happening throughout New York and other parts of the country. Houzz has reported a 58 percent increase in leads this past summer as the search for quality contractors has skyrocketed. What types of COVID renovations are people focusing on? It depends on the type of space and the client’s goals. 


Enjoying the Great Outdoors

In New York, outdoor renovations might include upgrading patios and screen porches to create comfortable gathering spaces for family and friends. People who have homes with backyards are installing pools and play areas to keep kids entertained while they can’t participate in camps or hang out with friends at the park. Custom firepits, outdoor kitchens, and high-end barbecue areas are also popular additions for year-round outdoor enjoyment.

If you have an apartment with a balcony, consider upgrades that will entice you to spend more time outside. Built-in planters provide the opportunity to grow herbs or ornamental plants. Custom benches with comfy pillows provide ample seating without having to worry about taking clunky furniture indoors. 


Cooking up New Kitchens

For most families, spending more time at home also means cooking more at home. Many people are finding that their current kitchens are lacking, which is why revamping the space is one of the most popular types of COVID renovations. Buying more food, especially when stocking up for quarantine, is highlighting the need for larger and more organized food storage. Upgrading appliances is also important, whether it’s getting a larger fridge for all that food or a dishwasher that can handle the volume of multiple family meals each day. 

When it comes to cooking and socializing, having a smart, efficient layout is key. If you find yourself getting frustrated every time you cook, it might be time to consider changing it up. As a central gathering spot, many kitchen renovations include an island where family members can sit and chat while food is being prepared. 


Increasing Space with Additions

Some people are finding that they just don’t have enough space for the entire family to be home at the same time all day long. Between parents working from home and kids needing their own spaces for remote learning, what once felt like a right-sized home now feels just a little too tight.

People with unfinished basements or spaces above garages are transforming those areas into offices, gyms, play/learning rooms, and more. However, if you don’t have any unfinished spaces to convert, the next best option is an addition. Whether it’s an in-law suite to house the grandparents who are staying to watch the kids while you work or an extension to add a home office, an addition can give you the breathing room you seek.


Let Detail Renovations Help

We’ve been doing stunning home renovations long before the pandemic hit and will be doing them long after everything goes back to normal. With an experienced team and dedicated partners, Detail Renovations delivers quality craftsmanship and superior service.

Are you considering COVID renovations for your home? The sooner you commit, the sooner the project can start. Many contractors are busier than usual at the moment, including us, so get on our calendar now to avoid further delays. Get in touch today to discuss your renovation ideas.

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