How Your Architect, Specialty Designer, and Contractor Work Together to Create Your Dream Living Space

Sep 03, 2020

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Renovation projects have many moving parts, and the only way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to have a solid team. Understanding how architects, specialty designers, and contractors work together is one key element of a successful renovation. Not only must everybody involved in the project have the necessary skills, but they must also be able to cooperate throughout the entire process.

What Architects Do During Renovation Projects

Sometimes you can be in a space and envision exactly what your dream home would look like. Sometimes you just know that you want something different, but you’re not quite sure what needs to change. In either case, an architect helps you redesign your space to make it more functional, more aesthetically appealing, and better suited to your lifestyle. 

For renovations, architects measure the space to document the existing conditions and design from there based on your vision. They might work with engineers to ensure that structural changes won’t impact the integrity of the building, and other subcontractors to assess the feasibility of the plans. 

Once a design has been agreed upon, they create construction documents that the builder uses to execute the plans. Architects often also participate in the construction process, answering questions as needed and performing site visits to confirm that what is being built matches the plans.

What Specialty Designers Do During Renovation Projects

As the name suggests, specialty designers focus on specific areas of a home, such as the bathroom or kitchen, or the overall interior design. Some renovations need only a specialty designer and not an architect if the modifications will not impact the structural elements of the building. For example, if you want to remodel the kitchen without moving any walls or making major changes to the layout, a kitchen designer might be the right fit. For larger projects that include multiple areas of a home, an architect might work with a specialty designer to refine the layout, materials selection, and other details. 

Much like architects, specialty designers create plans that the contractor uses to build the design. They are also available during the construction process to help solve problems or clarify the drawings as needed.

What Contractors Do During Renovation Projects

Contractors are responsible for taking the drawings from architects and designers and turning them into reality. Ideally, contractors are involved early in the project, during the design phases, to provide input and realistic cost estimates. The more integrated the design team and the contractor are, the more successful the project will be.

Contractors make cost estimates based on both the drawings and the specifications. Once the final design and budget have been approved, contractors procure materials and hire all the necessary subcontractors to complete the work. These might include plumbers, electricians, mechanical systems experts, painters, and more.

How Architects, Specialty Designers, and Contractors Work Together

For the ideal project, the architects, specialty designers, and contractors all work together from the beginning. Although it’s possible for a contractor to build from design drawings they have never seen before, giving them more input during the design phases often results in fewer issues when it’s time to build. 

After the project has started, regular communication between all three parties and the client helps ensure that the entire team is on the same page regarding both the vision and how to execute it.

What to Look for in a Manhattan Contractor

Although there are countless Manhattan contractors, not all of them deliver the same quality work, or the same type of experience for the client. Look for a contractor who has a track record of successful projects and strong relationships with architects and designers. Strong partnerships are an indicator that the contractor communicates throughout the project and works collaboratively with other team members. 

Detail Renovations works hard to build and maintain strong relationships with both clients and partners. Our repeat customers continue to work with us not just because of our quality craftsmanship, but also because they know that we’re there when they need us. Our partners benefit from our White Glove Service because we know how important it is to cultivate meaningful connections. 

If you’re interested in working with a Manhattan contractor that will work closely with the design team to create your dream living space, contact us today. 

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