Keeping It Modern Yet Unique with This South End Avenue Kitchen Remodel

In some homes, the kitchen is a hub of activity, where friends and family gather to cook and chat during meal preparation. This is easy to achieve in contemporary open-plan layouts. However, in some older apartments, the kitchen design does not lend itself to this modern behavior. In this South End kitchen remodel, the challenge was to open up the space to make it more accessible to the rest of the apartment.

A Compact Kitchen with Limited Access

The existing kitchen was clearly not designed for entertaining, or for easy access to the adjacent dining room. The owners wanted to change this while modernizing the space at the same time. The galley kitchen layout made it easy to cook with efficiency, but the existing narrow entry created challenges for entertaining and was not very convenient for everyday use. Large windows on one wall of the kitchen provided welcome natural light, but they also presented design limitations. 

Elegant Solutions for a Modern Kitchen

We worked closely with Gregory Hitchcock Design to select the elements that would make the remodeled space stand out, including a unique and rare marble countertop that perfectly complements the white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. To solve the problem of the window wall, we installed a low-profile counter that provides additional work space without encroaching on the limited floor space.

The wall connecting the kitchen to the dining room was opened up to create an elegant pass-through with storage cabinets below and on either side. This also helped bring even more natural light to the kitchen area from the large windows in the dining room. Now the owners can conveniently work in the kitchen while staying connected to guests in the dining room.

Custom Cabinetry for Optimal Storage

One of the challenges of a compact kitchen is establishing ample storage space without creating clutter. We solved this problem with custom cabinetry that maximizes storage space and keeps items tucked away when not in use. A bottom corner cabinet ensures there is no dead space, and an open shelf above the sink provides a unique look while allowing the owners to store items they want to keep handy.

The sleek lines of the inset panels and brushed nickel hardware provide a look that is both clean and modern. The stainless steel appliances tie the aesthetic together and complement the gray tones of the marble countertops.

Unique Flooring Adds Flair

We also provided custom end-grain hardwood flooring that adds texture to the otherwise smooth surfaces in the room. The natural wood also helps provide warmth against the hard surfaces and stark white cabinetry. The end-grain cut of the wood has a unique style that contributes to the modern aesthetic and offers understated elegance to this kitchen remodel. It also helps tie the kitchen and dining spaces together by coordinating with the wood countertop in the pass-through above.  

Small Changes Make Dramatic Differences

Sometimes a small kitchen remodel can completely transform an apartment. In this case, connecting the kitchen and dining areas made the entire space feel more open while providing additional natural light in both rooms. Although it wasn’t possible to create a full open-plan layout without sacrificing storage space, our innovative solutions gave the owners the best of both worlds: a compact, functional kitchen that allows the people who are cooking to stay connected to others in the apartment.

As always, we relied on trusted partners to successfully execute this kitchen remodel. From the people in the showroom to the skilled craftsmen who provided the custom cabinetry, any great project depends on an experienced team.

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