Luxury Kitchen Trends for 2021

Feb 11, 2021

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HGTV recently highlighted its 2021 trends for luxury kitchens, and we noticed a few familiar elements. Whether it’s because we were ahead of the curve or it’s just that great craftsmanship is timeless, you can see examples of these trends in some of the projects we have already completed. 



Wall-to-Wall Cabinetry

Many homeowners love the sleek look that wall-to-wall cabinetry provides because it keeps the busiest room in the house looking neat and uncluttered. With more parents and kids working from home, this is a popular trend in 2021 because kitchens are now serving multiple purposes as workspaces, eating areas, and video conferencing backdrops. We’ve been creating and installing custom cabinetry in luxury kitchens for decades, and creating a perfectly seamless look is one of our specialties. You can see examples in our 24th Street and Great Neck projects. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with just the right amount of room carved out for the sink area creates a tidy look without sacrificing storage space.

Dark Accents

Although some people prefer a gleaming white kitchen with a monochromatic color palette, some luxury kitchens like to dabble on the dark side. One trend for 2021 is introducing dark accents to contrast the otherwise bright surfaces in the room. For example, our 3rd Street project in Brooklyn features dark bottom cabinets and matching storage surrounding the refrigerator. The result is a grounding effect without a feeling of heaviness. In fact, the lighter-colored countertop appears to hover above the cabinets, drawing the eye up to the beautifully appointed kitchen and bright windows above.


Multilevel Islands

Perhaps another result of pandemic living, 2021 luxury kitchens will likely have more multilevel islands to accommodate various use cases. We did this at a 45th Street in Brooklyn project with an island that steps down to create a dining table, homework station, food prep area, or whatever the client’s lifestyle requires. Multilevel islands can also help break up an open floor plan to create distinct spaces and make the room more visually interesting.


Warmer Color Palettes

Although there is no doubt that the modern white kitchen will remain a timeless look, some people are gravitating towards a warmer vibe with natural materials and deeper tones. We created a more traditional luxury kitchen in Whitestone using custom mahogany cabinets with a unique wood grain that is repeated on each of the front panels, including the door and drawers of the refrigerator. Complemented with a ceramic tile backsplash and marble countertop, this kitchen marries modern amenities with a traditional aesthetic.


Seamless Slabs

Seamless countertops are nothing new, but luxury kitchens in 2021 will take it a step further to include slabs as backsplashes. This Brooklyn kitchen renovation was a few years ahead of the curve with a custom-cut marble backsplash that perfectly matches the countertops and island. The surfaces are both elegant and easy to clean, especially behind the stove. 


Unique Details

One reason to invest in a luxury kitchen renovation is to have your spaces match your unique style. Although many features in the kitchen are functional, there are plenty of opportunities to add some flair through materials, colors, and textures. The previously mentioned Great Neck kitchen uses the relatively small sink backsplash to make a statement with textured tiles that make a wave pattern. The effect is subtle, but it stands out in the otherwise sleek, white kitchen. 


Fashionable Fixtures

One way people are getting more from their luxury kitchen investment in 2021 is by installing high-end faucets and fixtures as we did in the 3rd Street project mentioned earlier. Upgrading these elements can make a major difference in transforming a space with a relatively minimal impact on the overall budget. Whether you choose a metallic finish with a vintage feel or a minimalist modern aesthetic, fixtures are one way to put a little personality in your kitchen. 


Difference-Making Details

One thing is true about all luxury kitchens: the details matter. Whether you’re an avid cook, an expert entertainer, or are juggling working and learning from home, Detail Renovations is here to help you create the spaces that best serve your unique lifestyle. Get in touch today to get your renovation project started. 


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