Luxury Meets Functionality With These Jaw-Dropping Closets

Jun 21, 2021

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When most people think of renovating, they focus on the spaces that are most seen, but a high-end closet remodel can change your life, even if you’re the only one that ever uses it. One of the greatest benefits of remodeling is that you can completely customize a space to fit your needs. Whether you’re an avid athlete that needs storage for specialized gear or a shoe collector that wants to see every pair before making a choice, a closet remodel could be the perfect solution. Check out these examples for inspiration. 

An Invisible Closet

Closets are necessary, but they’re not very glamorous. One client on 24th Street in New York simply didn’t want to see the closet when it wasn’t in use. They also had a master bedroom with multiple closets infringing on the footprint of the room. 

The solution was to eliminate all of the existing closets and create a single European-style wardrobe system that spans an entire wall, blending in seamlessly to become almost invisible. Inside, custom lighting ensures that all items within are visible. Custom shelves, drawers, and nooks provide a place for everything.  

A Closet That Optimizes Limited Space

A condo owner on India Street in Brooklyn wanted to get the most from their small space. We created a multiuse closet with ample hanging storage, individual nooks for shoes, and a small desk with bookshelves above and file storage below. Adjacent open shelves keep all clothing visible, making it easy to choose an outfit. An open shelf at the top leaves room for larger items such as luggage. The smooth glass desk and asymmetrical shelves create a modern vibe that is accentuated by the gray wood tones of the built-in shelves. 

A Closet for the Kids

We created a closet for a client on Charles Street in New York that was just for the kids. Two siblings shared a room and all the messiness that comes with it. The solution was a high-end closet remodel that provides ample storage space and a clear division for the two siblings. 

Built-in shelves go all the way to the ceiling to maximize storage so out-of-season clothes and items that are not frequently used can get stashed out of reach but not out of sight. Three hanging areas are sized just for kids so no space is left unused. Three drawers are available for smaller items and a catch-all bin below keeps shoes or other accessories. Hooks on the walls provide the perfect spot for backpacks and jackets. 

Home Spa Closets

High-end closet remodels aren’t just for bedrooms. This client in Lloyd Harbor has two stunning closets in the home spa. One closet near the massage table has elegant sliding doors to conceal the contents within and keep it discreetly tucked into its own little nook. The top of the closet and the two drawers below feature live-edge panels to match the entryway and other details throughout the space. 

A second closet in the changing area has a sleek Scandanavian look with wood panels that match the walls and a built-in nook for hanging robes. Minimal hardware makes the small space feel neat and tidy, and a built-in bench flows seamlessly from the robe nook to tie it all together.

Detail Renovations Is Here to Help

If you’re tired of seeing clutter around the house or just want to feel more organized, it might be time for a high-end closet remodel. We’ll work closely with you to design a closet that meets your needs and matches your style. We can even recommend a specialty designer if you prefer to work with one. Once the design is complete, our professionals will create the custom closet of your dreams. Contact us today to get started. 

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