Make the Most of Small Spaces with These 6 Apartment Renovation Ideas

Apartment renovations are on the rise as people have spent a lot of time at home over the past year or so. In addition to changing space needs, many people have also realized things about their apartments that they would like to improve. Whether you have had to accommodate a home office or just want a more comfortable space to match your lifestyle, an apartment renovation can help you get the most from your home.

When space is limited, you want to ensure that every corner and surface of your home has a useful function. When renovating, you have the opportunity to transform your apartment into a more comfortable and functional space.

Things to Do Before Your Renovation

Follow these tips for a successful apartment remodeling experience.

Understand your needs.

You don’t have a lot of room for error or wasted space when renovating a small apartment. Make a list of your wants and needs and prioritize them so you focus on what you need most. Think about daily living, storage solutions, entertaining, and long-term plans for your home. All of these factors will influence your design decisions during a renovation.

Work with a professional.

Whether you engage an architect, interior designer, or experienced builder, having some professional insights can make a major difference. A small investment in valuable expertise can make a difference for a lifetime—or as long as you occupy the space. It’s worth spending the resources to get the long-term benefits.

Apartment Renovation Ideas to Get the Most from Your Space

As you start thinking about how you want to change your apartment, consider these tips for making a small space feel larger:

1. Maximize natural light.

The amount of natural light that comes in makes a big difference in how large a space feels. To bring more light into your apartment when renovating, you can:

  • Enlarge windows when possible.
  • Choose window treatments that let the light in.
  • Use clever mirror positioning to reflect natural light.
  • Don’t block windows with large furnishings.
  • Knock down walls that block light or create openings in them.

2. Carefully choose color palettes.

In general, lighter colors will make a small space feel more open. This doesn’t mean you have to go with bland beige or stark white. A pop of color goes a long way in adding character, especially when on a backdrop of muted, neutral tones. We recommend working with a color consultant to help you choose a palette that matches your personal style and goals for the space.

3. Use clever storage solutions.

Clutter in a small space makes it feel smaller. In addition to reducing the number of items you display in your home, you can implement clever storage solutions that allow you to keep infrequently used items tucked away and out of sight. You can:

  • Add built-ins to create more storage space with a minimal footprint.
  • Maximize closet spaces with custom storage solutions.
  • Mount storage on walls to keep floor space open, especially in the kitchen.
  • Install floating shelves to add storage with minimal visual impact.

4. Add a loft.

If the layout allows, a lofted area adds valuable space to a small apartment. Some ideas to use a loft include building custom loft beds with built-in desks in kids’ rooms, putting a storage loft in the guest room, and putting a reading loft in your living area to add storage and a quiet place to relax.

5. Keep the kitchen simple.

As with all other spaces in a small apartment, the less cluttered the kitchen is, the larger it will feel. As a functional space, having a tidy, well-organized kitchen can also make your daily life easier. To make the kitchen feel more open, look for flat-panel cabinets with minimal hardware, use large tiles on the floor and walls to make the space feel roomier, and maximize countertop space and storage with custom solutions.

6. Create multiuse spaces.

When you have a small apartment, you can’t afford to have dead space that isn’t frequently used. Get the most from each room by using it for multiple purposes. For example, if you don’t often have guests but want a place for the occasional visitor to stay, add a Murphy bed to your office or living room so you always have the option. You can also convert walls into sliding panels to create separation between spaces as needed and allow more privacy for yourself and your guests.

Detail Renovations Has Small-Space Solutions

As an experienced contractor in New York, we’re used to helping our clients come up with creative, elegant solutions for small spaces. Whether you need a perfectly dimensioned custom closet or a brand-new kitchen, our team is here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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