Making Space for a Fast-Growing Family with a Luxury Home Improvement in Great Neck

When a family is growing fast, having more space quickly becomes a necessity. This is exactly what happened with one family that moved from Manhattan to get into an excellent school district and find more room in a split-level home in Great Neck, New York. However, the home they purchased didn’t feel open enough, so we worked with them to create even more space in multiple dimensions. This luxury home improvement project encompassed a complete renovation of the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom, including refinishing all of the floors and moldings. 

Opening Up the First Floor

An open-concept floor plan is ideal for keeping an eye on the little ones while working in the kitchen or relaxing in the living room. However, one of the drawbacks of an older split-level home is the relatively low ceilings on the lower floors. The family wanted to raise the ceilings to make the floor plan feel more spacious, which we accomplished by restructuring beams. The result was a grand view of the first floor and a more open space where the entire family could comfortably gather. 

Handiwork in the Heart of the Home

We worked closely with Gregory Hitchcock Design to create a unique kitchen that meets multiple needs. As a functional space, the island provides casual seating for kids to perch in the mornings and while doing homework after school. Seamlessly integrated white appliances, including a dual oven, provide effortless convenience without compromising on style. Positioning the sink in the island makes for the ideal kitchen triangle and allows parents to continually interact with the kids when they’re sitting at the counter. Having the dining table just steps away makes meal prep and cleanup both convenient and efficient. 

Aesthetically speaking, the kitchen is a modern wonder, with custom Italian high-gloss cabinetry and Glassos (a crystallized glass product) countertops that provide both depth and a brilliant white that complements the cabinetry. The wave pattern in the tile backsplash adds a touch of texture without being distracting and harmonizes with the neutral tone of the floor finish. 

The electrical system was also upgraded to provide additional lighting and to accommodate a spectacular fixture above the dining table. Almost invisible when seen from one angle, the crystal-clear spheres make the same wave pattern as the backsplash when viewed from the dining area. Recessed can lights and subtle pendants above the island provide ample light without being obtrusive fixtures in the airy kitchen. 

A Modern Bathroom Upgrade

The bathroom was renovated to match the modern style of the rest of the luxury home improvement with high-gloss cabinetry and a stark white countertop. Dual faucets in a shared wide sink offer plenty of space for the little ones to clean up at the same time. The floating effect of the cabinet opens up the space and eliminates the heaviness of a traditional vanity. Wall-mounted fixtures add to the modern vibe and blend into the small square tile behind. The simple but elegant light fixtures on either side of the mirror contribute to the overall streamlined look of the room. 

A Successful Detail Renovations Project

The clients wanted a bold new look with this luxury home improvement, and that is exactly what they got—a custom kitchen with a truly unique look; a new, open space for the family to enjoy; and a modern home for the family to continue growing. We couldn’t have done any of this without our trusted partners and strong communication between every member of the team, which is true of every successful Detail Renovations project.

To see more images and details about this project, visit our gallery page.

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