Sometimes a renovation project requires breaking down a few walls, both literally and metaphorically. In this high-end remodel project on East 72nd Street in New York, we broke down walls and purchased part of a hallway from the building to combine two neighboring apartments. We also helped break down walls between the project architect, the […]

European kitchens are all about simple, functional elegance, and these clients wanted to bring that aesthetic to their New York apartment on West 53rd Street. For this kitchen renovation, we partnered with Cesar NYC Kitchens to create a sleek, refined space with muted tones, floating shelves, custom lighting, and casual seating. Although this type of […]

CONTEMPORARY  ELEGANCE IN A PREWAR APARTMENT We renovated this Pre-war apartment on West End Avenue, to accommodate a large family, a lot of entertaining and a recording studio.  We found unused space above the existing ceiling and managed to add 12 inches to the height of the apartment, making the total ceiling height 112 inches, creating [...]
RECENT PRESS Thank you IFDM for the lovely feature, see the original via this link: In the fascinating context of the West Village of New York, David Dynega the founder of Detail Renovations transforms a private residence into the house of your dreams, with made-to-measure furnishing, customised lighting and cutting-edge technology. Framed by contemporary [...]
A PROJECT WE COMPLETED ON CHARLES STREET IN GREENWICH VILLAGE Our objective with this project was to turn a brand-new, but basic, townhouse into a super-luxury project. Using vision and experience, we collaborated with the designer on the project. The clients were assisted to shape the project into their dream home for themselves and their [...]
RECENT PRESS Thank you Architectural Digest - Spain for the lovely feature, see the original via this link: Una RENOVACIÓN personalizada En uno de sus últimos proyectos, David Dynega consigue remodelar esta vivienda familiar del West Village, con soluciones a medida y cuidando todos los detalles. POR SARA BARRAGÁN DEL REY FOTOS © COSTAS PICADAS [...]
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