As families evolve over time, the way they use their home changes, too. This is why our Brooklyn clients, who had recently become empty nesters, decided to do a home renovation focusing on the kitchen, the main living areas, the first-level bathroom, and the laundry room. The shift away from raising a family to hosting […]

In some homes, the kitchen is a hub of activity, where friends and family gather to cook and chat during meal preparation. This is easy to achieve in contemporary open-plan layouts. However, in some older apartments, the kitchen design does not lend itself to this modern behavior. In this South End kitchen remodel, the challenge […]

Sometimes a luxury apartment improvement includes renovating everything but the kitchen sink. That was the case with the interior remodel of a prewar West End Avenue apartment in New York, where we redid the living room, dining room, bathrooms, ceilings, lighting, and floors. We didn’t touch the kitchen, but almost everything else got a luxury […]

A high-end interior remodel in a stately building like Bristol Plaza requires a level of finish that only an experienced contractor can provide. Known for its 10-foot-high ceilings and spacious 5,000-square-foot units, this New York City apartment building is beautiful both inside and out. We worked closely with the clients and an interior designer to […]

When a family is growing fast, having more space quickly becomes a necessity. This is exactly what happened with one family that moved from Manhattan to get into an excellent school district and find more room in a split-level home in Great Neck, New York. However, the home they purchased didn’t feel open enough, so […]

Luxury apartment improvement projects often require a few puzzles to be solved along the way. Whether it’s addressing structural issues, creating private space for guests, or getting multiple stakeholders to agree, there is always something to solve. In the case of this New York apartment on West 36th Street, the challenge was to maximize limited […]

Oftentimes, the goal of a home renovation is not to completely transform the space, but to modernize it while retaining the character of the original interior. That was the case in this Columbus Circle kitchen remodel and apartment update. The clients wanted a brand-new kitchen that tied in seamlessly with the existing spaces and a […]

As the heart of the home, the kitchen remodel was the primary focus of this renovation project, but it wasn’t the only element of the house that was updated. The owners of a Brooklyn brownstone wanted to bring their historic home into modern times without losing the vintage charm or antique details that add character […]

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