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Our thorough process unites communication, organization, transparency, and collaboration to elevate the home renovations experience. No matter your project, you can rely on the below process to keep it on track and keep your mind at ease.

A Brief Look at Our Process


When considering a remodeling project, how do you decide what will make your life better while possibly adding to your home’s resale value? Understanding your intentions for your apartment or house can go a long way toward shaping your remodeling plans. We are here to help you.

The initial contact provides us, at Detail Renovations, with the opportunity to discuss with you, all possibilities for your project.

We set up an onsite walk through with you.

Detail Renovations professional team is introduced and we communicate our operation process.

2- Consultation

The initial consultation takes place at your home where we like to listen about your ideas for renovation or expansion. We will discuss your wants and needs and determine the best way to accomplish your desired goal. We are happy to provide any insight as well if you’re having trouble envisioning the project.
We will evaluate the site conditions, the neighborhood covenants, restrictions, and the characteristics of the existing space in an effort to determine the feasibility of the improvement. We can offer several different scenarios for executing the renovation.

During the consultation, if it is determined that you require an architect or designer for the project, we can present you with 2-3 options. You choose who you are most comfortable working with and who will most be right for your project. During the process, we are present for any meeting involving the architect or designer—whom are working through Detail Renovations.

3 - Proposal Presentation to Client

Once our initial consultation has been performed, we begin formulating a thorough and detailed scope of work, and interacting with architects or designers (when applicable.) We start pricing out all aspects of your proposed project, and then, we begin the preparation of your detailed and customized estimate.

We do our best to incorporate all various scenarios in order to avoid excessive change orders during the course of the work. Once the estimate is completed, we set up a meeting—via phone conversation or in person—to review your proposal.


Following the completion of the estimate, the contract is drawn up. Then, we start gathering all required documentations to obtain building approval. We compile all licensed and insured subcontractor’s paperwork, including the vetted subs for building approval as well.

At Detail Renovations, we have our own subcontractor vetting procedures in place in order to offer an additional layer of protection to our clients. Our contract contains your entire scope of work, the payment schedule, a project schedule, and guidelines to help you through the renovation process. The owner, David Dynega, meets with you to review and finalize the contract, personally, while each party receive a copy of the contract for their records keeping.


Where permits are required, we work with our architect—or the architect you provided us with—to obtain the necessary permits.

6-Shopping-Chused _ Co. Renovated Townhouse Kitchen Detail

When discussing your project, we also examine all finishing options and selections.

For clients without an architect or interior designer, Detail Renovations will provide you with a personal shopping experience. During our shopping excursions, our team will support you through the material selection process to ensure all finishes fit your design style and the project’s specification.

7-Remodeling-2016-03-18 10.42.29

Detail Renovations prepares and protects your home carefully and thoroughly in order to maintain a clean and safe environment throughout your renovation. During partial renovations, we work with you to ensure a clear separation between our working space and your clean living space. No matter the scope of your project, at the end of each day we pride ourselves on leaving you with a neat and orderly site.

Communication is an essential element to maintain between project management, our leadership team and if need be, your design team. The project coordinator dedicated to your project maintains a daily progress log, including images and notes, to ensure all work is in-line with our high standards. Their close project maintenance ensures timelines are kept to and punch list items are addressed.

Toward the completion of your project, Detail Renovations owner David Dynega visits your site to review the progress and ensure quality control.

8-Finalization-DYNEGA-HUNTIGTON NY 1-17-2

Project finalization is a collaborative process between you and your Detail Renovations team. We formulate a punch list of items to initiate your project’s finalization and once all tasks are addressed, we schedule a walk through together during which the punch list is reviewed to ensure each item is complete.

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