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Jun 22, 2018

Detail Renovations

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Charles Street in Greenwich Village Townhouse Remodel


Our objective with this project was to turn a brand-new, but basic, townhouse into a super-luxury project. Using vision and experience, we collaborated with the designer on the project. The clients were assisted to shape the project into their dream home for themselves and their three small children. All of us involved in the partnership made sure to understand the family’s dynamic, making it chic and stylish, but also comfortable, livable and welcoming, and the result fulfilled all of the above.

We were cautious not to undo too many of the home’s features while giving it many more high-end amenities. We really wanted to play off the wooden entrance of the house, and created a huge, floor-to-ceiling wood screen with brass rods in the entryway, which is a focal point of the living area as well. It stands out as an architectural piece, but also brings the elements of the home together well. We also upgraded the hand rails throughout on the stairs, which ties nicely into the wood details.

Here are some renovation tips that might be of interest, all contained within this project:

Turn a piece of furniture into something extraordinary and distinctive:
In the master bedroom, we wrapped the drawers of the bureau in wallpaper that matches the room’s wallpaper to give it a cool, monochromatic look.

Townhouse Renovation NYC

No place to show off your children’s always growing and changing collection of artwork:
We installed a large tack board near the staircase in the hallway adjacent to the kitchen to display the homeowner’s kids’ artwork, and set it up in a way that makes it easy to switch out the art regularly.

Kids Art in Townhome Renovation
Childrens Art in Townhouse Renovation NYC

Need to make smaller space look larger: 
In the kids’ rooms, we installed a one-inch piece of wood about two feet from the ceiling, and we painted that area white. The rest of the room we used color. That brought the height of the ceiling down a bit so that the children would not be overwhelmed.
Added bonus: a closet system that offers a lot of storage in a smaller space.

Childrens Room Renovation NYC
Childrens Closet Renovation NYC

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