Staycation Renovation Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Experience

Fewer people are traveling these days, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a break now and then. Even if you can’t get away from it all by hopping on a plane, you can transform your home to match your new lifestyle and create the types of experiences you enjoy most. Take your staycation (and daily living) to the next level with these renovation ideas.  

Decompress in your home gym.

Whether you wind down from the day with a yoga session or start your morning with a stationary bike ride, having a home gym can help you stay fit—and sane—when you spend most of your time in the house. The best part about building your own gym is that it can have exactly what you want without any extra stuff taking up space.  

Chill in your cigar room.

Do you have some extra space above the garage or a porch you never use? Transform it into a smoking lounge with a humidor, comfy seating, a stereo system, and a TV. Don’t forget to work with your contractor on the ventilation system to keep lingering odors to a minimum. Even if you don’t smoke cigars often, you can use your cozy den to take a time-out after a busy day.

Wind down in your wine tasting room.

If wine is your thing, take advantage of the extra space in your basement or the extra room that’s just collecting boxes to create a tasting area. Install built-in wine racks and a wine fridge for safe storage and a place to keep all the other necessities. A stylish kitchenette will allow you to wash glasses, make snacks, and set up a stellar spread without ever leaving the room. Treat yourself to a monthly wine club so you have a reason to regularly use this special space. 

Relax in your home spa and massage space.

Stress levels are high these days, and not everybody is comfortable returning to their regular relaxation routines in public spaces. Create your own home spa experience to take the edge off and protect your health. Use our Lloyd Harbor project for inspiration and consider features such as a hot tub, steam room, sauna, changing room, and massage room.

Play host in your private bar.

Many people have now adopted social bubbles of friends and family that they feel safe among. Although you may not be able to go out for a night on the town, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a great time together. With your own private bar, you can create the experience you love best, whether it’s a quiet martini bar with piano music tinkling in the background or a club experience with surround sound and custom mood lighting. 

Splash around in your indoor or outdoor pool.

Whether you swim for exercise or just need a way for the kids to blow off some steam, a pool is a great way to upgrade your home. If you have the space, an indoor pool allows for year-round use. Outdoor pools can also be used in colder months if you decide to build an enclosure. 

Entertain in your outdoor kitchen.

If you’re dying to see your friends but don’t want to spend time together indoors, upgrade your outdoor space to include a kitchen and dining area. An outdoor kitchen allows you to do all of the meal prep and cooking while entertaining at the same time. Even if you choose not to entertain, an outdoor kitchen is a great way for the family to get outside after a long day of work and school indoors. 

Bring your dreams to Detail Renovations.

No matter what type of staycation renovation ideas you have in mind, Detail Renovations is here to help. With our expert craftsmanship and decades of experience, we can transform any type of space into the room of your dreams. We have COVID-19 protocols in place to protect our employees and your family. If you’d like to share your renovation ideas or get started on your project, get in touch today.

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