Traditional Design and a Flair of Luxury with This New York High-End Interior Remodel

A high-end interior remodel in a stately building like Bristol Plaza requires a level of finish that only an experienced contractor can provide. Known for its 10-foot-high ceilings and spacious 5,000-square-foot units, this New York City apartment building is beautiful both inside and out. We worked closely with the clients and an interior designer to do a full apartment renovation, including four bathrooms, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a home office, a main living area, floors, ceilings, windows, and lighting.

Traditional Meets Luxury

The clients wanted a traditional aesthetic to match the history of the building and a touch of understated luxury in their living space. To achieve this look, the interior designer chose elegant materials and finishes and specified architectural details consistent with the desired style. A muted color palette throughout the space allows the fine millwork and sophisticated lines to shine.

Welcoming Wall Coverings 

The attention to detail in this high-end interior remodel starts with the walls. Every room has a unique feel, but the space is tied together with quality materials and craftwork. Venetian plaster in the main living and dining spaces provides a luxurious sheen and texture that can’t be achieved with basic drywall.

In the library, natural wood paneling creates a space that is warm and inviting. Simple square tile in the kitchen and bathrooms contributes to the traditional aesthetic while providing a touch of texture and complementing the rectilinear theme throughout the apartment. Natural pressed-leaf wall coverings in the third bathroom create a truly unique look when paired with the marble countertop and vintage light fixture above.

Stately Ceilings

The 10-foot-high ceilings in this high-end interior remodel leave ample room for a traditional design element such as triple moldings in every room. Stylishly framing each wall, these elegant moldings create a distinct separation between the walls and ceilings, enhancing the clean lines that connect the spaces. 

Custom Cabinetry

We provided custom millwork and cabinetry throughout the apartment, including in the kitchen, living area, library, and bathrooms. The library shelves are particularly special, with mitered drawers that match the style of the wood paneling and door to create a cohesive look and feel. Simple, elegant drawer hardware contributes to the understated luxury vibe.

In the kitchen, painted wood cabinets provide ample storage while also complementing the traditional aesthetic with thoughtful design details. The square theme carries through in the built-in wine rack, mitered cabinet fronts, glass-panel cabinet doors, tile backsplash, and large tile flooring. Built-in glass shelves separate the dining area from the main living area while maintaining an open feel, perfectly combining traditional style with a more modern open floor plan.

Luxurious Lighting

In order to maintain a clean look in the entire space, about 80 recessed lighting trims were installed throughout. With the exception of a handful of statement fixtures, the lighting in the apartment is subtly integrated into the ceiling above. If you do happen to notice the lighting trims flush with the ceiling, you’ll see that their square shape maintains continuity with the traditional aesthetic.

Technical Challenges

Much of this high-end interior remodel required expert craftsmanship to create the desired look, and there were some technical challenges behind the scenes. Specifically, the redesign of the master bathroom required relocating the entire plumbing system. Although it might not have been the most glamorous element of the remodel, it was an important one that only an experienced contractor could handle. 

Understated Doesn’t Equal Easy

Creating a space with understated elegance is not as easy as it might seem. Although there are no flashy details, every element was carefully considered and executed to provide a seamless, luxurious look. This type of project is not possible without the high level of precision that Detail Renovations provides. Check out our gallery page to learn more about this project and our other high-end remodel work.

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