Upscale Yet Comfortable: Explore This West Village High-End Interior Remodel

The term “renovation” often conjures up images of dusty old houses being gutted to their structural bones and transformed into modern marvels. However, even brand-new homes can be renovated to match an owner’s tastes. In this new town house on Charles Street in New York, the clients weren’t in love with the basic fit-out that the previous contractor did on behalf of the developer, but they could see the potential. With the help of some trusted partners, we helped them bring their high-end interior remodel vision to reality.

Details make all the difference between an average interior and one that feels upscale and luxurious. Our clients wanted to put the finishing touches on their new town house to customize it for their family of five and bring it to a new level. We recommended two interior designer options to the client and they selected AJS design/s as the best fit. Having worked with AJS design/s on multiple projects in the past, we knew that the team had all the right skills to give this interior renovation the special touches that would make the space sing. 

From Boring Basic to Luscious Luxury

Working closely with the interior design team and the clients, we executed the ideas that made their new house a welcoming family home. 

Custom Millwork and Furniture

In a town house, the stairways and handrails are an opportunity to make a statement. We created custom handrails to create a streamlined look with wood, metal, and glass. Custom millwork and furniture lace a common thread through each level, tying the entire home together despite the separation of multiple floors. In the master bedroom, we covered the wardrobe doors with wallpaper to add a subtle texture that creates an elegant monochromatic effect with the wall behind it. 

High-End Amenities

A marble-topped vanity with elegant glass legs, built-in floor-to-ceiling shelves, custom storage solutions, and sleek kitchen cabinets are just a few examples of how the interior designer made this  luxury remodel stand out. Our contribution to the high-end interior remodel included professional-grade painting and finishes over newly skim-coated walls throughout the entire house. To make the home a truly modern oasis, we also added a sophisticated audiovisual system to make the entire space a smart home.

Distinctive Lighting

Custom lighting solutions were implemented throughout the house, which required extensive electrical and switching work. The interior designers selected tasteful fixtures that reflected the clients’ refined tastes while also providing functional illumination, including integrated light fixtures in the headboard in the master bedroom.

Love for the Little Ones

With three small children in the house, these clients wanted a comfortable space to create lasting memories. A distinctive display area for the children’s artwork complements the other stunning pieces in the common areas. The tackboard makes it easy to update the wall as new art projects come home from school. A shared bedroom for two of the siblings has a custom closet interior to keep their clothes organized and clearly divided. Both of the kids’ bedrooms also got a fresh coat of cheery paint to brighten them up. 

Collaboration Is the Key

Like every Detail Renovations project, this high-end interior remodel would not have been successful without true teamwork. The interior designer was able to translate the clients’ ideas for a comfortable, modern home into plans for us to execute. Clear communication ensured that even the smallest details were carried out to the exact specifications. Our millwork partners created one-of-a-kind pieces that will surely become family heirlooms as the children grow up in a space that was tailored to their lifestyle. 

Architectural Digest Spain recognized how special this space is with a feature in the magazine. You can also check out every detail on our Gallery page.

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