Helping to Create a New Space for a New Lifestyle with This Brooklyn Home Renovation

As families evolve over time, the way they use their home changes, too. This is why our Brooklyn clients, who had recently become empty nesters, decided to do a home renovation focusing on the kitchen, the main living areas, the first-level bathroom, and the laundry room. The shift away from raising a family to hosting for the holidays and entertaining guests created different requirements for each of these spaces. 

A Cook’s Kitchen

We teamed up with longtime partner Waterfront Kitchens to create a modern kitchen fit for a large family gathering. A large island with an integrated stove top provides plenty of prep space so the family chef can comfortably cook while chatting with family. A peninsula with casual seating makes it easy to stay connected and gives the little ones a place to help in the kitchen.

The appliances are a cook’s dream. Two ovens make holiday meal planning easier than ever before, and a large refrigerator provides plenty of space for leftovers and everybody’s favorite snacks. Family breakfasts quickly come together with four burners and a grill top. With cabinets above the sink, below the countertop, and in the island, there is no shortage of storage space for small appliances and all of the special dishes the family needs for the holidays. The custom cabinets were made in Italy by Cesar, and the Caesarstone countertop was carefully selected to match. 

Seamless Flooring Transitions

In order to maintain a truly open floor plan, the clients wanted to create a seamless transition between the kitchen and the main living area. However, the existing floors were two different wood species and colors. Our innovative solution was to sand and refinish the entire floor area to disguise the previously existing transition.

Hidden Features

The basement access is conveniently located in the kitchen, but the clients didn’t like the look of the existing door and felt that it disrupted the continuity of the space. We installed a door that matches the surrounding pantry doors to cleverly conceal the entrance. The result is a smooth wall of flat-panel doors that only people in the know realize hides a basement entry.

Optimal Laundry Storage

We used similar concealing tricks in the laundry area to hide clutter and keep the area tidy. Custom closets and hidden cabinets maximize storage space while also providing ample work space for folding, ironing, and other chores. 

An Upgraded Basement Bath

The clients also wanted to make sure the basement bathroom was updated while work was being completed in the home. We upgraded the aesthetic with Porcelanosa tiles, metal banding/edging, a high-gloss vanity, and elegant Hansgrohe shower fixtures.

Behind the Scenes

Every home renovation has important elements that you can’t see. In this case, it was the air-conditioning system that was taking up valuable space in the kitchen. Approximately 60 percent of the ductwork was rerouted to accommodate the kitchen design and to create space for the installation of new appliances.  

Unique Spaces for Unique Families

The beauty of a home renovation is the ability to create exactly what your family needs for a particular point in time. In this case, the clients were mindful of how they would be using the space for years to come, both for hosting their growing family and for transitioning to single-level living. Removing transitions between rooms not only opens up the space, but it also reduces tripping hazards and makes it easier to accommodate assistive devices.

Think about how your family currently uses your home and how those needs might change in the future. If those future needs are coming sooner than later, it might be time to start planning for your next home renovation. For inspiration, check out the project page for this Brooklyn remodel.

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