Completing a High-End Remodel on Park Avenue

A secret office and whimsical bedrooms for the kids are just two of the unique features that make this high-end remodel truly special. Add in a Buddhist prayer room and spectacular coffered ceilings, and the result is a Park Avenue apartment like no other. The clients wanted to make the space feel like their own, and we helped them accomplish this with a full apartment renovation that excluded only the kitchen.

Elegant Living Areas for the Whole Family

With the grand piano as a centerpiece, the living room exudes elegance. Inset alcoves with bright orange accents house tasteful artifacts while also adding character to the room. Venetian plaster walls offer rich but subtle texture and provide the perfect backdrop to the family’s refined artwork and stylish furnishings. 

Dining in Style with a Hidden Space

One of the more challenging aspects of this high-end remodel was figuring out how to create a separate area within the dining room without encroaching on the space’s primary function. We worked closely with the interior designer to come up with innovative solutions to conceal the office space when the dining room is in use. 

The result is a panel that is cleverly disguised to match the other doors in the room. When the panel is in the closed position, diners have no idea what lies behind the woodwork. When open, the panel drops down to create a desk with inset shelves to store and hide the items within.

Vibrant Bedrooms for the Kids

Custom millwork in the children’s bedrooms creates unique storage solutions and a whimsical experience. Built-in desks make it convenient to do homework or work on craft projects. Ample shelving gives the ever-expanding collection of stuffed animals a home where they can be displayed and enjoyed. The youthful color palettes and patterned wallpaper create light, playful spaces for the kids to grow. 

Coffered Ceilings Demand Attention

The living area, dining room, and hallways were all upgraded with coffered ceilings, also made of Venetian plaster, adding texture to the spaces and a touch of luxury. Built-in lighting is seamlessly integrated to provide illumination without detracting from the design. 

Careful Details Bring the Bathrooms to Life

Although the bathrooms in the older apartment are characteristically small, we were able to modernize them with elegant glass tile and high-end finishes. A wood vanity is nestled into an alcove to provide storage without taking up too much space, and the narrow shower feels more spacious with a clear glass door and ample lighting above. 

Luxurious Finishes Complete the Aesthetic

The small details and thoughtful finishes in this high-end remodel are what make it so special. Even the hallways feel chic with shimmery wallpaper accented with cherry blossoms. Precisely painted trim ensures that every clean line creates separation between the carefully crafted design elements. 

Every Remodel Is Unique

This high-end remodel is the perfect example of how a thoughtful designer and experienced contractor can bring a distinctive vision to life. Every family has unique needs, and a solid renovation team can come up with innovative solutions to meet them. Whether it’s matching a client’s aesthetic preferences or developing creative layouts and furnishings to solve a particular challenge, having the right people on the team is essential.

Visit the project page to see more images of this high-end remodel on Park Avenue.

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